My journey to Japan

Finally, the day that I leave for Japan has come! On the 30th of March I will be flying out to the land of the rising sun. I will be blogging about all I find there at this blog, so bookmark this site and please wait in patient anticipation for my first post from Japan.

My current plans are to study Japanese at the Yamasa Institute for the next year, after that the next step will depend on my progress. Either I study for another trimester, or I will start working. Throughout I will be keeping you updated on what’s happening.

Some practical stuff

– The photos I’ll be showing here will be hosted on Flickr. There you will find a much larger amount of images, as I will not be linking everything on this blog.

– When I make videos I will probably be hosting them on YouTube, not sure how integration will work here. Worst case scenario is i’ll just post links to the video.

– Feel free to share my posts on your facebook/twitter, etc. The stuff I write here is not only for friends and family, I’m sure there are more people interested in Japan and all it’s oddities. In return, I will make an effort to write regularly and with high quality.

With that said, i’m going to get some rest. Big day tomorrow! See you on the other side!